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What Does it Feel Like to Win Your First Lacrosse Game?

Winning your first serious lacrosse game feels like getting married to the woman you love. Or at least I’d hope so. I’ve never gotten married before. If getting married doesn’t feel this good then there’s something wrong with the world. Anyways, if you’ve already lost your first lacrosse game, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to never feel the way I did when I won mine. Practicing everyday because you enjoy it is the key to success. If you deserve victory and you know you do, I bet it would feel better to finally win your eighth game than it does to win your first. Like my dad says, there’s nothing better than striving toward a goal and seeing it done.

The picture in this post isn’t of me but it is a picture of a great inspiration of mine. I’m just a teen, but I hope to remain a lacrosse champion right into the big leagues and making a career out of it. For me there’s nothing better than winning a lacrosse game, not even driving my sports car down a dirt path to visit my girlfriend in the middle of the night. Nothing!

If you strive to feel the way I did then keep practicing. There’s enough competition to keep us all busy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you!