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I Got My First Job & a Window Cleaning Company as a Sponsor!

I’m glad to announce that as a young teenager I got my first real job the other day. I’m no longer just a lacrosse player. I now work for a local window cleaning company washing residential windows in Penticton BC. After my trip to Victoria BC where I got to meet some great window washers at my grandmas house, I since have been curious about this trade. I still dream of playing lacrosse or if not hockey full time as a career but this summer job will get me the cash I need to buy new lacrosse equipment. My parents are very proud!

And part of having a new sponsor means I will be getting an allowance of $40 from a local window cleaning business. The specific business doesn’t require me to share their brand name as it’s the company I work for and their just happy to support my passion for lacrosse and blogging about sports. I might do the honor of giving their company a shot out in the future nonetheless, as they deserve it. Until then I’m content and they are too with just seeing that I get the lacrosse equipment I need to get better at this wonderful sport!

Thanks for all the support, my dear readers! Let’s play lacrosse!