staying healthy

Staying Healthy (10 ways to stay healthy)

It’s easy to stay healthy when you play sports and eat well. But with not being able to play sports recently for reasons mentioned in my last post, I’ve needed to find other ways to stay healthy. And that’s what I want to give to you guys who don’t play sports so much.

The key to staying healthy, I believe, is exercise and a good diet. I’ll touch on both of those here, first starting with ways to get exercise that even elderly people can do. In total, I hope this will be a resource for people who are looking for “10 ways to stay healthy.”

5 Ways to Get Exercise without Playing Sports

  1. Go for a hike around a lake or a mountain trail.
  2. Get a treadmill in your home, so you can walk while you watch movies.
  3. Get a dog so you’re forced to walk it everyday.
  4. Babysit a toddler or a grandson and take them to the park.
  5. Go on a canoe ride with paddles if you have any bodies of water nearby. If not, bicycling is also nice, or simply walking around the city.

5 Ways to Get Yourself Eating Healthier

  1. Take vitamin supplements, after getting a blood test and a professional opinion.
  2. Remove something from your diet and stick with it, like sugar or carbs.
  3. Hire a personal trainer, a good one.
  4. Get a friend or family member to be an accountability partner, so that they go through the same steps as you and you motivate each other.
  5. Stop eating out and ordering food to your house. Instead, cook all your meals at home. This is also a great way to learn new recipes and become a better cook for the whole family.

All together, these 10 things, if you do them all, should be enough to get healthy or stay healthy, and even if you just pick 2 of them your results will be greatly improved. I know because these are the things I’ve been doing. If none of them appeal to you, create your own list and do that! Whatever you decide, deciding anything is the first step and sticking with it is most of the battle. So just stick with it, don’t give up and you’ll start noticing a change pretty soon!