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My Visit to Victoria BC, got Grandma Window Cleaning Services for Christmas!

Every December my family goes to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to visit grandma and grandpa on my mother’s side, then in late December we fly to Paris to visit uncles on my dad’s side for Christmas Day and New Years. I’ll write a post about my Paris trip later, as that’s where I am now, just got here yesterday, but for now I want to tell you about my amazing time on Vancouver Island.

For this story to make sense you should probably know that my grandma and grandpa don’t live together. Grandma has a whole house to herself in Saanich, though it’s a small house, and grandpa lives in a retirement home because he suffers from dementia. I don’t want to get into the sad details of their situation. To make this happy I’ll tell you about my grandma’s love for sewing medieval-style tapestries. She loves the hunting scenes of medieval England and is still working on a tapestry of a castle for me. I hope it gets done soon.

My grandma’s house is perfect for her to live in, but things get hectic when my whole family stays there. Almost 9 people try to share a two bedroom house for a week and things get chaotic sometimes. I always bring my lacrosse stick and a few extra balls so I can practice in her driveway and get some fresh air when people start to fight over who gets to sleep on the couch tonight. Most people put up with the floor, like me, and I don’t complain.

This year I wanted to get grandma something special that would impact her life for many months to come. She’s a tidy person but doesn’t have the physique any more to do a lot of the major cleaning in her house. She hires a maid that comes once a month to do the basic cleaning. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was how dirty all the interior and exterior windows were. They were filthy! So I spoiled her by having a professional window cleaning company Victoria BC show up to clean all the windows. The cleaners did an amazing job and now the windows are spotless. I’ll never forget the look on grandma’s face when she saw the results. She begged me to know how much it cost so she could pay me back but I said the truth, that it was actually very affordable and she could keep her money. She ended up giving me 200 dollars for Christmas anyways, which was almost enough to make up for it. Last year she gave me 300, though, so I think she was genuinely allowing me to get her the gift I did.

Here’s a list of a bunch of other things we did:

  • Went out for tacos
  • Played frisbee at Beacon Hill Park
  • Flew kites at the beach
  • Helped grandma set up the Christmas tree
  • Enjoyed the view of the street through freshly cleaned windows

On my last day in Victoria BC the whole family went bowling in Langford. Victoria has a lot of cool things to do, but my family can be boring sometimes. I suck at bowling despite my lacrosse skills but at least it gave Dad something he could beat me at. I beat him at everything else.

Now I’m in Paris where things are even more boring surprisingly and I can’t wait to share the exciting parts that come up every now and then. Thanks for reading and I wish you a very, very merry Christmas!

Sorry if you came for more┬áinfo about lacrosse. I plan to focus on lacrosse more than aught over time but this is Christmas and I thought I’d change it up a bit. Until next time!