Feeling Out the Days

I’ve been feeling a shift in my life lately. I bet it’s because I haven’t been able to play lacrosse much since COVID-19 struck my hometown. I’ve been finding other things to do, and one of those things is reading philosophy and doing a lot of thinking.

With a lot of sorrow in my mind, I’ve been doing what you could call “feeling out the days”. I do have hope for the future, for each new day feels a little better. I’ve been trying to ignore all the drama in the world to focus on myself and my goals and passions. Today I decided to share what I’ve been feeling in case any one is wondering how this lacrosse champion has been feeling.

I’m feeling out the days, and each day is feeling better. That’s all I can really say except that I look forward to posting more often in the near future. Thanks for being here.

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