Does Being Good at Lacrosse Benefit You in Hockey?

The reason I ask the question “does being good at lacrosse benefit you in hockey” is because I recently started dabbling in hockey over the winter. Hockey is much more popular than lacrosse, even in Penticton BC, and so when looking for stuff to do I found that there is always hockey to be played. I played hockey a bit growing up but never as much as I played lacrosse. Now by explaining my experience you can answer this question for yourself.

I recently saw an article where a video game player was able to use his experience to beat a real formula 1 racer on the track. I thought this was amazing, and it applies here because skills can often find themselves overlapping in different disciplines. For example I also know that being a good welder can help with such things as power washing because you already have the ability to keep your hands steady and move them in smooth patterns.

This doesn’t change for sports. Many baseball players when they retire take up golf as a hobby because they find it enjoyable to hit balls with sticks.

For me, I noticed I had an edge over other people who had more hours than me on the hockey rink because my years of lacrosse experience has made me quick on my feet. I am alert on the rink just like I was alert on the field and I definitely noticed how a lot of my skills crossed over into hockey.

So now you can answer this question yourself. It’s quite obvious after examining things for a bit. The skills you learn in one area can become quite handy in other areas, and lacrosse vs. hockey is a great example of this.

So if you’re like me and can’t always find a good lacrosse game, try out hockey and have fun with it! It was so exciting to realize how good I was at the game even though I have never really played it all that much.

Until next time!