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Feeling Out the Days

I’ve been feeling a shift in my life lately. I bet it’s because I haven’t been able to play lacrosse much since COVID-19 struck my hometown. I’ve been finding other things to do, and one of those things is reading philosophy and doing a lot of thinking.

With a lot of sorrow in my mind, I’ve been doing what you could call “feeling out the days”. I do have hope for the future, for each new day feels a little better. I’ve been trying to ignore all the drama in the world to focus on myself and my goals and passions. Today I decided to share what I’ve been feeling in case any one is wondering how this lacrosse champion has been feeling.

I’m feeling out the days, and each day is feeling better. That’s all I can really say except that I look forward to posting more often in the near future. Thanks for being here.

Thanks to our latest sponsor.

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Staying Healthy (10 ways to stay healthy)

It’s easy to stay healthy when you play sports and eat well. But with not being able to play sports recently for reasons mentioned in my last post, I’ve needed to find other ways to stay healthy. And that’s what I want to give to you guys who don’t play sports so much.

The key to staying healthy, I believe, is exercise and a good diet. I’ll touch on both of those here, first starting with ways to get exercise that even elderly people can do. In total, I hope this will be a resource for people who are looking for “10 ways to stay healthy.”

5 Ways to Get Exercise without Playing Sports

  1. Go for a hike around a lake or a mountain trail.
  2. Get a treadmill in your home, so you can walk while you watch movies.
  3. Get a dog so you’re forced to walk it everyday.
  4. Babysit a toddler or a grandson and take them to the park.
  5. Go on a canoe ride with paddles if you have any bodies of water nearby. If not, bicycling is also nice, or simply walking around the city.

5 Ways to Get Yourself Eating Healthier

  1. Take vitamin supplements, after getting a blood test and a professional opinion.
  2. Remove something from your diet and stick with it, like sugar or carbs.
  3. Hire a personal trainer, a good one.
  4. Get a friend or family member to be an accountability partner, so that they go through the same steps as you and you motivate each other.
  5. Stop eating out and ordering food to your house. Instead, cook all your meals at home. This is also a great way to learn new recipes and become a better cook for the whole family.

All together, these 10 things, if you do them all, should be enough to get healthy or stay healthy, and even if you just pick 2 of them your results will be greatly improved. I know because these are the things I’ve been doing. If none of them appeal to you, create your own list and do that! Whatever you decide, deciding anything is the first step and sticking with it is most of the battle. So just stick with it, don’t give up and you’ll start noticing a change pretty soon!

Getting your “stuff” together…

This might come as a surprise to some, but I’m a HUGE fan of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. I love listening to him because of the choice of guests he has on and the topics he discusses. My favorite topic of his is “getting your sh*t together” although I like to say stuff instead of the S-word. Today, I want to yank my own twist on the end of this subject to offer a new perspective.

As a sports fanatic I always had an inkling of the importance of getting your stuff together because you can’t be a strong athlete if you eat cake on the couch while watching other people play sports. If you want to play sports well yourself and not just watch them on the TV then cake is the last thing you should eat.

Before I put my on spin on this though, you might want to watch this cool video by Joe Rogan. He’ll cover stuff I won’t, so check it out:

Why I think more people should get their stuff together!

Before I delve deep, let me just throw eight pointers at you to get started:

  1. Because your family needs you.
  2. Because it’s never too late to get your health in order.
  3. Because there’s a reason you’re here on this planet, a reason only you can discover if you look for it.
  4. Because the world wouldn’t be the same without you.
  5. Because you’ll set an example for future generations.
  6. Because you’ll be able to have more fun outside.
  7. Because there’s still so much in this world you haven’t tried yet.
  8. Because it would be a shame if you didn’t at least try.

Now delving deeper, let me broach the recent experience in my life that really motivated me to get my stuff together. As everyone should know, many sports around the world were postponed and cancelled, temporarily deemed unsafe, ever since the virus pandemic came out of China. So, because I can only play lacrosse by myself in the backyard, I decided to try some new things, like playing video games I never got around to trying, tasting unhealthy foods I’ve never tried before, and watching TV shows I never got around to. I bet you know where this is going now. To make an embarrassing story shorter, I started to get very unhealthy and gained a lot of wait in the last 2 months. Things didn’t turn around for me until my uncle who repairs appliances visited our quaint little home in Penticton. The last time I saw my uncle I was too young to understand why being lazy was harmful let alone the importance of getting your stuff together. Well, I’m a little older now and for the first time in my life I saw just how lazy I was being because I was able to compare my lazy actions to those of my uncle who is an animal when it comes to working hard and getting stuff done.

After the first day of having my uncle in the house, I felt so bad for watching TV and playing video games because in less than 8 hours my uncle managed to fix our broken freezer in the basement, plant a new tree in the backyard, scrub the walls, and cook the healthiest dinner I think I’ve ever had in my life. In the first hour I thought my uncle was crazy, but by dinner time I realized that I was just actually looking at the world the wrong way. At the dinner table, I asked him why he works so hard and he just wondered what I meant. After a bit of discussion I realized that he wasn’t even aware of how hard he was working. He just has a hard time staying still and was really never one to waste time. I was so motivated by his reaction to my question that I decided to be like him.

Not being able to play my favorite sport (lacrosse) is no excuse to do nothing. I know that now. My uncle has already gone home to Ontario but his spirit still flows in my bones. Take today for example. Today, I managed to get so much done, including writing this blog post, and now I think there’s no way I’ll ever be lazy again. I really got my stuff together and I can’t wait to see how far my newfound work ethic takes me in life. I’m crying just thinking of it…

If you need to get your stuff together, watch more Joe Rogan because he is a supplement for my uncle. You can do it!

Safety in Sports

Playing lacrosse is like playing any other sport when it comes to safety. But what does safety in sports mean? To me, it means understanding your owns strength as much as you understand the rules of the game. There are sports much more dangerous than lacrosse like hockey or football, but safety stays the same. It means being in control of your limbs, and using your lacrosse stick as an extension of yourself.

The dangers of not knowing your own strength can lead to injuring other players. One of the easiest ways I find to keep safety on the field or in the arena is to play for fun rather than play to win. Of course, professional teams in tournaments play to win, but by keeping in mind that this is a game and that it’s supposed to be fun will prevent unneeded aggression. Aggression in sports is one of the leading causes of injury.

Winning may be fun, as I mention in another post, but winning isn’t everything.

Also, making sure your sports equipment is well maintained and in working order will prevent yourself from getting injured. In the sport of fencing this could not be more important, because a faulty piece of armor can lead to someone getting stabbed in the eye. But keeping well-maintained equipment is important for every sport, even fishing. Take boating for example. Would you go boat racing in the ocean if you knew your life jacket didn’t work? No! Of course you wouldn’t! So then why would you play lacrosse if you knew your lacrosse stick had a fracture in it or your helmet was broken?

Taking all this into account when playing sports can lead to a safer game. And safety in sports means everyone gets to have a better time in the end.


I Got My First Job & a Window Cleaning Company as a Sponsor!

I’m glad to announce that as a young teenager I got my first real job the other day. I’m no longer just a lacrosse player. I now work for a local window cleaning company washing residential windows in Penticton BC. After my trip to Victoria BC where I got to meet some great window washers at my grandmas house, I since have been curious about this trade. I still dream of playing lacrosse or if not hockey full time as a career but this summer job will get me the cash I need to buy new lacrosse equipment. My parents are very proud!

And part of having a new sponsor means I will be getting an allowance of $40 from a local window cleaning business. The specific business doesn’t require me to share their brand name as it’s the company I work for and their just happy to support my passion for lacrosse and blogging about sports. I might do the honor of giving their company a shot out in the future nonetheless, as they deserve it. Until then I’m content and they are too with just seeing that I get the lacrosse equipment I need to get better at this wonderful sport!

Thanks for all the support, my dear readers! Let’s play lacrosse!


Does Being Good at Lacrosse Benefit You in Hockey?

The reason I ask the question “does being good at lacrosse benefit you in hockey” is because I recently started dabbling in hockey over the winter. Hockey is much more popular than lacrosse, even in Penticton BC, and so when looking for stuff to do I found that there is always hockey to be played. I played hockey a bit growing up but never as much as I played lacrosse. Now by explaining my experience you can answer this question for yourself.

I recently saw an article where a video game player was able to use his experience to beat a real formula 1 racer on the track. I thought this was amazing, and it applies here because skills can often find themselves overlapping in different disciplines. For example I also know that being a good welder can help with such things as power washing because you already have the ability to keep your hands steady and move them in smooth patterns.

This doesn’t change for sports. Many baseball players when they retire take up golf as a hobby because they find it enjoyable to hit balls with sticks.

For me, I noticed I had an edge over other people who had more hours than me on the hockey rink because my years of lacrosse experience has made me quick on my feet. I am alert on the rink just like I was alert on the field and I definitely noticed how a lot of my skills crossed over into hockey.

So now you can answer this question yourself. It’s quite obvious after examining things for a bit. The skills you learn in one area can become quite handy in other areas, and lacrosse vs. hockey is a great example of this.

So if you’re like me and can’t always find a good lacrosse game, try out hockey and have fun with it! It was so exciting to realize how good I was at the game even though I have never really played it all that much.

Until next time!

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My Visit to Victoria BC, got Grandma Window Cleaning Services for Christmas!

Every December my family goes to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to visit grandma and grandpa on my mother’s side, then in late December we fly to Paris to visit uncles on my dad’s side for Christmas Day and New Years. I’ll write a post about my Paris trip later, as that’s where I am now, just got here yesterday, but for now I want to tell you about my amazing time on Vancouver Island.

For this story to make sense you should probably know that my grandma and grandpa don’t live together. Grandma has a whole house to herself in Saanich, though it’s a small house, and grandpa lives in a retirement home because he suffers from dementia. I don’t want to get into the sad details of their situation. To make this happy I’ll tell you about my grandma’s love for sewing medieval-style tapestries. She loves the hunting scenes of medieval England and is still working on a tapestry of a castle for me. I hope it gets done soon.

My grandma’s house is perfect for her to live in, but things get hectic when my whole family stays there. Almost 9 people try to share a two bedroom house for a week and things get chaotic sometimes. I always bring my lacrosse stick and a few extra balls so I can practice in her driveway and get some fresh air when people start to fight over who gets to sleep on the couch tonight. Most people put up with the floor, like me, and I don’t complain.

This year I wanted to get grandma something special that would impact her life for many months to come. She’s a tidy person but doesn’t have the physique any more to do a lot of the major cleaning in her house. She hires a maid that comes once a month to do the basic cleaning. When I got there, the first thing I noticed was how dirty all the interior and exterior windows were. They were filthy! So I spoiled her by having a professional window cleaning company Victoria BC show up to clean all the windows. The cleaners did an amazing job and now the windows are spotless. I’ll never forget the look on grandma’s face when she saw the results. She begged me to know how much it cost so she could pay me back but I said the truth, that it was actually very affordable and she could keep her money. She ended up giving me 200 dollars for Christmas anyways, which was almost enough to make up for it. Last year she gave me 300, though, so I think she was genuinely allowing me to get her the gift I did.

Here’s a list of a bunch of other things we did:

  • Went out for tacos
  • Played frisbee at Beacon Hill Park
  • Flew kites at the beach
  • Helped grandma set up the Christmas tree
  • Enjoyed the view of the street through freshly cleaned windows

On my last day in Victoria BC the whole family went bowling in Langford. Victoria has a lot of cool things to do, but my family can be boring sometimes. I suck at bowling despite my lacrosse skills but at least it gave Dad something he could beat me at. I beat him at everything else.

Now I’m in Paris where things are even more boring surprisingly and I can’t wait to share the exciting parts that come up every now and then. Thanks for reading and I wish you a very, very merry Christmas!

Sorry if you came for more┬áinfo about lacrosse. I plan to focus on lacrosse more than aught over time but this is Christmas and I thought I’d change it up a bit. Until next time!


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How I Came to Be a Lacrosse Player in BC

It’s rather strange that I became a lacrosse player in British Columbia because my parents are computer nerds who originally lived in Alberta. The transition all started when my dad bought a personal computer for me and while looking for something to do on social media my friend invited me to come play lacrosse. Years later when my parents moved to Penticton I continued this hobby at a competitive level and next thing I new I was the top player in my Penticton team.

My dad bought me my own personal gear customized to emblazon my favorite colors for practice, and my team got me equipment with colors to match those of the team.

Check out this video to see some of my friends playing:

Lacrosse is my favorite activity in the world and I’m so glad I found my passion at such a young age. If you’re looking for something to do, play lacrosse. It’s so fun!

Thanks for visiting Penticton Lacrosse and I hope to see you around again soon!

What Does it Feel Like to Win Your First Lacrosse Game?

Winning your first serious lacrosse game feels like getting married to the woman you love. Or at least I’d hope so. I’ve never gotten married before. If getting married doesn’t feel this good then there’s something wrong with the world. Anyways, if you’ve already lost your first lacrosse game, I wouldn’t say it’s impossible to never feel the way I did when I won mine. Practicing everyday because you enjoy it is the key to success. If you deserve victory and you know you do, I bet it would feel better to finally win your eighth game than it does to win your first. Like my dad says, there’s nothing better than striving toward a goal and seeing it done.

The picture in this post isn’t of me but it is a picture of a great inspiration of mine. I’m just a teen, but I hope to remain a lacrosse champion right into the big leagues and making a career out of it. For me there’s nothing better than winning a lacrosse game, not even driving my sports car down a dirt path to visit my girlfriend in the middle of the night. Nothing!

If you strive to feel the way I did then keep practicing. There’s enough competition to keep us all busy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you!