About Me

I’m just a teenager who loves to play lacrosse. For privacy reasons you can call me Greg Little. I’m not that little though. I’ve won more lacrosse games than I can count and think it’s the best sport in the world. My hobbies are travelling around British Columbia visiting old friends. I’m young but I drive a sports car thanks to my dad, and he gives me the freedom I need to go all over the place. I love it. Everyday is Christmas for me here. When I’m not playing lacrosse or driving down a dirt road getting my sports car dusty, I’m working on the computer at home for my dad. He helps to run one of the more popular online news sources here in Penticton, so occasionally you might see me posting about a review I did for a business or citizen.

If there’s anything more important you can learn about me, I’m sure I’ll reveal it one day in my blog posts over the years. This blog is my new baby and I want to inspire other kids like me to find joy in lacrosse and Penticton living. Thank you!